Review – Fushida

I’ve owned quite a few gis from Fushida. This review is a summary of the company as a manufacturer based on my experience with them for multiple orders.


I have personal experience with the following models:

I have not owned or rolled with anyone who owned a CompLS, CompGS, or CompRS, but from what I understand, the gis are comparable to the older BJJ models (Mantis, Komodo), though with other perks which have since become standard like rope drawstrings.


Fushida has always produced a quality gi. Some gis that they produce are more quality than others. The judo gis are grouped based on the thickness and general quality.

You can think of the Club as an introductory model. It’s a very light single weave. The stitching quality is very good, but the jacket material leaves something to be desired. The Tournament is a much heavier single weave and the material feels a lot more sturdy than the Club. The Prestige and Icon are fantastic. The Icon is on par with some of the highest quality judo gis that I’ve seen. I’d put it in line with slightly more expensive Mizuno models.

The BJJ gis I own aren’t even produced anymore and as noted I don’t have experience with the newer models. I’d say the Mantis and Komodo are very similar in quality to a Fuji gi. The fabric is similar in quality to the Tournament, though a bit lighter. I’m not a fan of the ripstop pants and they ripped during a judo practice as noted in the full Mantis/Komodo review.


Fushida was the first brand I found which had half sizes in judo gis and X-sizes for BJJ gis. The CompGS also has XX-sizes, but the CompRS seems to have gone back down to X-sizes instead. (X is the concept of a longer gi using the body dimension. For example an A2X is an A2 body with an A3 length)

Fushida used to have a form for Christo to tell you your exact fit, but the sizing guides now provided are pretty accurate. He’s kept my measurements and has always made great size recommendations.

Customer Service

I’ve never been dissatisfied with a Fushida order to have to deal with returns or anything of the like. Christo has always been very responsive with information about gi care and during the ordering process.


I really can’t say enough good about the Fushida gis that I own. The thing is, when I bought them the USD was stronger than the CAD by a pretty good margin. I wish they were a bit cheaper and the shipping didn’t cost so much, but I guess that’s really my fault for not living in Canada.

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