I have somewhat limited experience with rash guards – I don’t have a favorite material composition or fit. I end up getting one and if I like it I use it. Rather than doing a comprehensive review I’m electing to simply compare the brands that I own or have used. For background I am ~5’11”, and ~182 lbs.

  1. Manto (Ranked – Blue) [L] – I got a large, but it’s lose enough that I probably could have gotten a medium. This leads to some minor issues in use, but no major complaints since I’m used to being on the size border. The chest and arms are sized very well. I feel that I have the appropriate degree of mobility in the rash guard, but it’s very long and due to the waist being too large it rides up very frequently.The material is pretty breathable and light. All of the color and graphics are sublimated which prevents not only peeling, but sticking to the mat. The color is a very vibrant, but typical shade of blue. There is nothing extraordinary about the fit, construction, or appearance of this rash guard. That is why I love it. I am aware that I am wearing a rash guard, but I at no point feel constricted or uncomfortable.
  2. 93 Brand (Ranked – Blue) [L] – Again, I got a large, but should have gone medium. Because of the long sleeves this is actually more pronounced than with the Manto. Similar to the Manto the chest of this size is a really good fit with a high degree of mobility. Instead of the normal design where the sleeves are attached right in the armpit this model instead features a triangular attachment on the tricep. To be honest, I can’t tell if I love or hate that because while I don’t experience any bunching in the armpit that I have had with other rashies, I can always feel where this triangle is on my arm.The material is notably heavier than the Manto, but is still very breathable. Again, all of the color and designs are sublimated.
  3. Marcello C. Monteiro [M] – I got this as my first “BJJ” rash guard when Marcello did a seminar at Third Heaven. The graphics are (were) screen printed and have not survived rolling over the years. It’s on the tighter side of comfortable. The material is pretty close in weight to the 93 Brand, but is much less breathable. There has always been problems with the stitching coming apart in the washing machine. I have not had that problem with the Manto or 93.
  4. Brazil Combat (Ranked – Purple) [L] – I picked this one up at Fight Prime when I forgot my rash guard one day. It’s okay. The graphics are like rubber on top of the fabric. It sticks to the mat. It’s a real problem. I’m used to sliding a bit on the mat when I’m in a rash guard (i.e. when shrimping), but when attempting to do so in this rash guard I pretty much stay put. The material is the thickest of the brands I own, but is more breathable than the MCMBJJA rash guard. I don’t use this one a lot, but it’s really only because of the rubber-like material for the graphics causing it to stick on the mat.

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