Beginner’s Guide

I think every blog takes a shot at providing some basic tips for beginners. This is mine.

  • Tap early, tap often – you have places to be tomorrow; there’s no sense in getting injured because you refuse to tap.
  • Relax – the number one way to get hurt or to hurt a partner is to spaz out. Just relax. Whatever will happen will happen.
  • Frame, don’t push – pushing using a limb (straightening an arm or leg to make space) almost always sets your partner up for a submission. It’s generally better to make a solid frame with your limb and move from your core to make the space.
  • Pray – if you’re ever unsure what to do in a given position, it’s pretty safe to put your hands together palm-to-palm and your elbows to your ribs. It won’t give you the escape, but it’s one of the best starting points for basic escapes and to defend against submissions.
  • Shoulders and hips work together – if your hips are facing one way and your shoulders another you won’t have a lot of core strength to use. Try to keep them facing the same way.
  • Turn in – it’s counterintuitive at first, but turning away from the submission or pin generally makes it worse; you just add additional pressure. Most of the time you’re going to want to turn towards your partner which means going in against the submission or pin to get out.

Check out the subpages in the drop-down below for specific topics.

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