Pandemic Pod: Part 3

So, after our second big break due to rising case numbers and a county order encouraging us to stop even small group stuff, cases finally have come back down and a new order reverts us back to where we were. We trained again, it was great.

I was really hoping to have the CTRL Industries belt by now to be able to finish off the pearl weave comparison. Unfortunately, USPS confirmed today that they lost the package and would need me to provide more information (from CTRL Industries) to initiate a search request. I don’t hold this against CTRL at all since they did mail out the belt in a timely manner. It’s just been sitting in limbo with the post office since December 4. Even then, a missing mail search request is kind of a long shot this close to Christmas with massive USPS employee outages due to coronavirus. Having said that, CTRL has been awesome about helping me with this. Hopefully it’ll get resolved soon.

Notes from pandemic training:

  1. The kimura control from Dave Camarillo’s armlock series needs work on my part, but the purple belt is a relative kimura expert so I was at least able to vet the concept with him.
  2. A lot of the Kristian Woodmansee 50/50 stuff was really easy to integrate into a Ryan Hall based 50/50 game.
  3. Everyone surprised me with a very thoughtful gift – a 50/Fifty rashguard and a mug that says “World’s Best Basement Submission Grappling Coach”. I was surprised and need to think of something equally thoughtful.