Quarantine Progress

Blue belt – moving more fluidly, making smaller mistakes, not yet dominating positions to force errors that lead to submissions. Submission attempts are still reaching in a lot of cases.

White belt – doing better, has basic answers for each position, needs to learn how to slow everything down to think it through. I think the biggest growth here isn’t going to come until there are more folks to roll with because the other two of us don’t provide enough variety. This is a heavy reminder that folks who just do privates often end up over ranked. We see the white belt as doing better, but then something will happen that shows how much more ground needs to be covered. Real evaluation for rank requires seeing someone struggle against a variety of people. When you just see someone’s progress working with you it gives a false sense that they’re further than they are.

Tomorrow will be my first session with a purple belt since quarantine started. We’ll see how that goes.

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