Pandemic Problems

Due to a family member of mine being exposed to someone who tested positive one week followed by my quarantine buddy having a roommate be exposed to someone who tested positive we haven’t been able to train anything the last two weekends. We both have negative PCR tests for everyone in our households so it was maybe being too safe, but I’m more glad we waited until we both tested negative after those events. I know there are folks who feel having a quarantine buddy is an undo risk. I’ve been called part of the problem even taking steps like this and only having a quarantine buddy because we can both otherwise severely limit our interactions with others and potential exposure risk both to ourselves and from us to the community.

It’s frustrating not being able to train. It’s even worse watching as the rest of the world has opened back up. Globetrotters just had their Iceland camp and videos are already up. As I watch Europe all I can think is “that could have been us.” The response to coronavirus in the United States has been abysmal. The executive branch of my state tried to put a reasonable response in place, a bit too late, but they tried. The legislature and courts stripped the Department of Health of their power to do anything in the face of the pandemic. It was left to municipalities to handle instead. We opened up too quickly because we were hopeful. We waited a long time to get a mask order. The mask order is being challenged by a few local businesses that feel this is a right to choose issue while the state is putting out record numbers of new cases per day.

I’m sick of the dumb fucking memes about how the homeless population hasn’t been completely wiped out by a virus that has hospitalized almost 1 in 10 infected in Wisconsin because the true lethality of the virus won’t be realized unless those who need care end up overburdening the health system as we saw in Italy and are currently seeing in Texas. I’m sick of people politicizing the response. I’m sick of the people around me looking at outcomes per an exponentially growing number of cases rather than outcomes per resolved cases. Wisconsin just had 1000 new cases yesterday. It will be around a week before we see how many of those new cases are hospitalized. It will be the next two weeks before we have any data on how the mask order, which is already being challenged by a few local businesses, will effect the spread of the virus here. And that will be only here in Dane County because the mask order is municipal. We are one of 7 counties (out of 72) that have a downward trajectory in new case numbers. Folks talk like there was already a peak even though we still seem to be in an increase overall and it’s too soon to say if our downward trajectory will last.

At some point I want to actually evaluate all the cool content that came out of the Iceland camp videos, but for now I’m just incredibly worn down by the way the virus is spreading through our community and how it doesn’t seem like it needed to be like this looking at the places that are already open without 1000 new cases per day.