Craig Jones Passing

One of the videos I’ve picked up from Fanatics while under quarantine is Craig Jones’ How To Pass Guards Quickly and Easily By Using Leg Attacks To Setup The Guard Pass. The TL;DR: it’s short, but really good. I’d strongly advise you know the concepts for passing and the details for finishing leg locks before you dig into it though.

The series is set up as 12 techniques spanning two discs/parts (six each). To be honest, it should have been cut as one as each disc/part is only about 35 minutes. Having said that, it’s one of the best passing series I’ve seen for no gi. The 12 techniques pair very well to address various situations from the initial entry/attempt, creating a robust passing system rather than just a couple of passes that pair well and a heel hook if they try to stop you. As someone who enjoys this style of passing and already uses leg attacks as the secondary attack to create a dilemma, I really like these techniques in particular. Craig’s presentation of them is on par with his other instructionals. Nothing really revolutionary, but he’s a pretty good instructor.

Because it’s so short, I’m much happier having picked it up as a Daily Deal and with a coupon than paying the full $47 it normally costs. As a Daily Deal it ran $23.50, and with coupon I paid just shy of $14. If you can get it for under $20, it’s a steal. I’d confidently recommend it any time it’s under $25 in any event, and if you really liked Down Under Leg Locks it may be worth it to just pick up with a coupon rather than waiting for it to go on deal again.

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