Teaching a Different Way

Someone on reddit summed up Sambo as teaching action first, and techniques second. I tried that tonight. I think it worked super well. We did the basic elements of a throw – kuzushi, tsukuri, kake. As in, I had them feel for balance for a forward throw entry, then how to enter in low, then any throw of their choice (with koshi guruma as the demo in case someone had no particular forward throw they like). Then we did finishes into controlled positions, then submissions from the control positions – emphasizing that the concept and the movement is more important than the detail (pick your sub – here’s an armbar if you want to use this position).

People want to fall. We’re just helping them to the ground.


3 thoughts on “Teaching a Different Way

    • I gathered another data point teaching last night – this time for sacrifice throws. We did uki otoshi to teach the concept, then had them pick their favorite guard sweep to “make” a sacrifice throw by doing the same off-balancing and entry we’d do. I gave yoko tomoe nage as an example for newer students who didn’t have a favorite guard sweep, but also showed how sumi gaeshi done at a modified angle is almost identical to an elevator sweep.

      Once they knew what their hands and hips needed to do to sacrifice, having them do the finish and subsequent control position as though it was a guard sweep of their choice seemed to cement the concept. People were doing sacrifice throws they’d never been taught with relative success, including during rolling.

      • Caught myself doing that before indeed, even if it needs some work. I tend to be a lazy fighter during competition and immediately go for the armbar/chain into a sweep.

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