Mike has been out on paternity leave and last night Matt was out sick, so I’ve been filling in more. We started out with the back the first week, now this week in no-gi is leg locks and in gi is throws. Part of me feels like I’ve lucked out because throws are arguably a specialty of mine with respect to BJJ because of my time doing judo. Another part of me was looking forward to the challenge of seeing if I knew a random position as well as I ought to given my time learning grappling.

Things are coming a lot easier than I expected. Questions aren’t the complex, nuanced details I had feared – at least, they don’t seem that way to me – they’re mostly “how do I avoid X?” or “I don’t feel like I could finish here. What did I do wrong?”. Those are easy to answer – have them show their concern and point out the frame protecting them, the angle they’re not cutting, or show them the missing part for power generation.

It feels like I’m doing okay, and that makes me feel more comfortable in my rank. I seem to know stuff a lot deeper than I give myself credit for. Seem to.


One thought on “Teaching

  1. Happens here as well, I often find myself surprised by the answers I spontaneously give. As in, I never even considered or thought about certain things, but catch myself blurting out answers that somehow make perfect sense.

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