The Struggle Is Real

Fundamentally, I need to just practice more. I’m struggling with things I shouldn’t struggle with. I’m finding I have no strength in a given direction, I can’t use the hard underhooks or whizzers on the shoulder with tendonitis so I can’t rely on them, but that means I really should just avoid the position where I have to do so. It’s frustrating – knowing I need to work on the details, but not always what they are or the best way to integrate them into a live roll. I’m also missing finishes like crazy. I’ll get the armbar set up, be pinching my legs, but when I go to break their grip they take that opportunity to push in and slip out. I’m going to have to figure out how to finish in no gi.

In the gi is easy – you get a grip, slow the roll down, and work on those details because you can go slow or even stop in place with grips and positioning. You can keep them from slipping out (or even moving) when you want. No gi on the other hand, there’s no room to slow down or stop. There’s no grip that can’t be relatively easily broken by circling or pushing. Techniques need to just happen. No gi is a foreign country; they do things differently there.


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