Pressure Grappling – Rashguard Review

Today’s review is of Pressure Grappling‘s rashguards. Specifically, the Electrik and Trianglow. Both are the men’s version at a medium size. As of the time of writing this I’m somwhere between 5’11” and 6’0″, 190 lbs.

Before we get too far into this, let’s start with some disclaimers – I am not being paid/compensated by Pressure Grappling for this review. I bought the two rashguards myself with a sale they had on r/bjj because I was in the market for new long-sleeved rashguards. I’m reviewing them for my own purposes. My instructor, upon seeing the rashguard, did note that he knows the founders of the company; however, I personally do not.

Okay, onto the good stuff now.


I start with this because both rashguards are quite striking. The colors are more vibrant than I was expecting. Last night I wore the Trianglow to class and got nothing but compliments on its appearance. I chose these two specifically (as opposed to the Spacesuit) because of their design. Both rashguards are essentially the same design pattern – the left arm has a gem with a lightning bolt, the right arm a set of triangles of different colors creating a gradient effect with the full anvil/gem/bolt logo in a circle, the left chest has another Pressure logo, and the back varies a little bit between the two in terms of logo placement, but both look very nice.

Visually, the Trianglow, with its teal and rainbow palette, is now my favorite rashguard among those I own. The Electrik is a bit more subdued due to the palette of blue, purple, and grey.

It is important to note, these would not be IBJJF legal as they’re not ranked rashguards. I don’t plan to compete in IBJJF anytime soon (and all my ranked rashguards are still blue), so this doesn’t matter to me. If you’re looking for something for IBJJF competition though, you might be able to get away with Electrik as a blue belt, but I wouldn’t push it.


I opted to go with a medium, since the larges in the last two styles I had bought were a bit too loose and someone on reddit who was close to my build noted the medium fit him well. I feel like medium was probably the right choice. The rashguards fit snugly, but not tightly. At no point during drills or rolling did I feel that the rashguard was impeding my movements.

My one complaint deals with the armpit stitching. This is a pretty common problem with rashguards for me so I don’t think it’s a fault, so much as an area where improvement is possible. My 93 Brand rashguard has a different pattern for stitching under the arm, and remains the only rashguard that does not ride up into my armpits as a result.

Material & Construction

The material is thinner than my 93 Brand (much thinner than my Brazil Combat). It’s about on par with the Manto. Of all the rashguards I have, it seems to be the most breathable/wicking. The material does feel slicker than other rashguards I own. By that I mean, when you run your hand along it, it’s a significantly smoother sensation. It’s more like running your hand on silk than on lycra. This did not impede my ability to grip with my forearms for arm locks, but may be a consideration if you’re looking for a material with some grip to it to explicitly improve your ability to lock in submissions in no gi. It also means the material doesn’t rub the way some rashguards like the Brazil Combat do.

The stitching is really well done flat-lock so with the exception of the armpit stitching noted above I didn’t feel/notice it at all. There was a single thread that was too long between the two rashguards. A pair of scissors remedied it and there doesn’t seem to be any stitches coming loose as a result.

All graphics/colors are sublimated so as with the Manto/93 it moves how you would expect across the mat and won’t be peeling or cracking as it ages.


The normal price seems to be $60 – the same as every other rashguard not on sale. The discount I got through reddit was two for $65 (standard shipping included). The current sale price without the reddit coupon code is $45 – a significant discount. For comparison, the cheapest I’ve ever seen my 93 Brand rashguard was $40 ($35 + $5 shipping) on BJJHQ.

Overall Impressions

I’d buy either rashguard again. If you’re like how it looks, are in the market for a long sleeve rashguard, and don’t need something ranked for IBJJF, I’d recommend it. In fact, unless you explicitly need an IBJJF ranked rashguard I’d recommend it, especially at the current price point.



6 thoughts on “Pressure Grappling – Rashguard Review

  1. How bad is the armpit stitching issue? I’m exactly the same height as you, but while being ~15lbs lighter, I’ve run into the issue as well, to the point of chafing.

    • It’s noticeable, but hasn’t been problematic for me. Pretty much all rashguards (because of the armpit stitching) ride up on my sides/chest right by my armpits and I have to pull them down ever so often. However, it’s a comfort thing – it’s not bad enough that it pinches or chafes.

      If you do have rashguards that chafe, I’d say the 93 Brand rashguards like this one – – may help because they don’t have stitching in the armpit (it’s a weird triangle panel instead). The cheaper ones ( still seem to have this armpit stitching, which sucks because they’d be a great deal otherwise. Personally, I’m not a big fan of any of the current 93 Brand designs either, which is itself a problem.

      • Mine don’t ride up much, but they’re uncomfortably tight in my armpits, and the stitching eventually starts chafing. I may or may not have weird armpits.

        Sadly I have to agree concerning the 93 brand designs – not the kind I see myself wear during grappling. Still, I’ll keep an eye on their products.

  2. Cool: are you going to give their polyester blend gis a go too? I’m curious to see if they’re at all similar to the awesome GIMONO gis I have (which are a merino wool/poly blend and dry insanely fast).

    • Unfortunately I have a closet that’s already half BJJ gis and half judo gis. Something would have to happen where I get rid of one of my BJJ gis before I could justify getting the new gi to try out.

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