Continuing Sans Jacket

Because of my shoulder, judo is still not a great option. I can’t really do many throws and the rules are too restrictive for me to do most of the things I’d modify because of my shoulder. Even the judo groundwork, being almost exclusively about turning over the turtle is rough because of the emphasis on using the shoulder as a leverage point for the roll. So, to keep up with my grappling I’ve been picking up more no gi classes.

Monday was all about the anaconda choke – shooting in for single, stopping the single with the arm between the neck and shoulder as you sprawl, getting the angle by grasping behind the arm, the gator roll with a Gabel grip and with the figure four, and then finally choking. Lots of fun, lots of really good practice. I only wish I had acquired less mat burn. Judo mats are not my favorite for no gi as I prefer short sleeved rashguards and shorts.

It feels weird not having the gi to grip. Sometimes I’m completely lost without it. I’ve enough experience to figure it out, but it’s still very much a learning curve to go from years of just judo and gi BJJ back to no gi. I’m playing more leg locks as passes to try to account for the fact that I don’t have my lapel grip to pass with.



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