Foundations BJJ did an introduction seminar yesterday. I couldn’t stay through the whole thing, but got up to the choke Arun showed. It felt good to do an actual BJJ warm-up for the first time in a long time. Matt started with the cross-knee guard pass, showing a lot of details that make the pass, then the transition to side-control after the pass. Arun picked it up from there with a way to take mount and then a circle choke from mount. Good stuff, I wish I could have stayed through Mike’s part.

There was pretty close to (if not over) 50 people there for the seminar. It will be interesting to see how many start showing up for classes (it’d be pretty cool to see 40+ folks for classes). Since they’ve taken the stance of welcoming everyone from any background/club/team/tribe it was a very eclectic group with a nice mix of all the belt colors.


2 thoughts on “Seminar

  1. 50? Cool! That certainly bodes well for the future: impressive turn-out for a new academy. Presumably they’ve been around a while in the local scene to get that many people down?

    • Actual classes for them sound like they’ve been ~12 people (both daytime and evening classes, non-overlapping set of people), so not quite as big as the seminar, but on Saturday I’ll get to see firsthand how big weekend classes will get.

      Yes, they’ve been around a long time. They’re two brown belts and a black belt, and one of the brown belts has also been an active member of the judo community.

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