Judo has been going pretty well. Refereeing is a lot of fun, I’d recommend it to anyone. You learn a lot about the sport aspect – why rules are what they are, what refs want to see in a match, what the direction it’s going in is. With a bit of luck I’ll be nikyu by the time winter ends.

Still, I feel like I’m missing something. Matt came to class on Tuesday and we went on the ground and it was like old times. It made me miss the ground all that much more. Don’t get me wrong, I love judo, but BJJ is what made me start this blog. Groundfighting is what I truly love, and unfortunately judo is not about being a ne waza technician. The rules are coming around, and maybe in 5 years will see the resurgence of ne waza as a real focus thanks to the influx of jiujitseros into judo. For now though, I miss BJJ, or heck even jujitsu.

Birthdays always make me look back on what I did this year and what I want. I wanted black belts in judo and BJJ before I turned 30. This year I’m 27, and now have a daughter. Still, I’m on track to get a judo balck belt in the next couple years; but since I’m already a purple belt in BJJ, if I buckle down, three years sounds reasonable. I guess it’s just a matter of if I can do it before my ankle gets any worse or something else goes south on me.

There’s a new school in Madison. It’s called Foundation BJJ. It’s a member of the Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood and is being started by some really good guys. They’re running a clinic on Sunday and I’m hoping I can stop by. Not to get into the drama, but there’s only so many guys doing BJJ in Wisconsin, so this is a splinter group from another gym. It’ll be interesting to see what becomes of it.


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