Status Updates

My ankle still hurts when I stress it too much. I was squatting the other day and had to just re-rack the bar and stop. The good news is, I am squatting again and the amount of stress/weight that my ankle can handle is increasing. It feels so weird struggling to squat an amount that’s less than I weigh, but it’s improving. This will be my first week squatting bodyweight again.

My recovery would have been much faster had I been lifting earlier. It’s a relatively recent change that I’m doing actual weightlifting again. Albeit the routine is short – the holy three and then whatever auxiliary I feel like which usually means some kind of curl, pull-up, or dip. To me, that’s all you need.

I’m still playing judo to the extent that I can. That means there are some limits when it comes to strength/force still. I can only go a round of randori or two before I need a break. I’m doing more rounds on the ground than that because the guys I’m going with are good about controlling the pace so that it’s not so stressful.

I miss the ground terribly. Yes, judo has ne waza, but it’s not the same. The approach is different. The focus is different. You don’t stand to pass the guard. The scrambles are typically just fleeting instances between any given position and turtle. To me, the ground is so much more than that. It’s about moving, flowing, submitting; there is no place for stalling, and yet I’m finding my old judo habits are back and stronger than ever so even I’m turtling when I’d rather not.


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