Home Mat – Gone

Third post in a day, it’s like I just remembered I have a blog or something…

My home mat is gone now. We took it apart to finish the basement. I’ll have a planned hiatus from grappling in a month or so, but I’ve known about it for the last eight.

For those who are wondering – it held up well, though I never used it as much as I had hoped I would. There just aren’t enough grapplers around to roll with and I never had the ambition to do solo drills on it more than a few times a month. Some judo clubs who used the foam block sprung floor have noted that after a few years of heavy use though – the foam will compact and you’ll end up needing to swap it out anyway. To be honest, the mats are the expensive part anyway, and even those don’t last forever. If you have followed the guide, watch the height of your floor, and if it’s noticeably lower in a few years, just swap out the foam blocks on the bottom by unscrewing the OSB and gluing new blocks in place.


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