How Game Is Formed

We all have our own game. The goal is to impose that game upon our opponents so that we may be the ones who control the situation. We have our own flows, our own preferred submissions, our own favored positions.

Last week in judo we were doing collar chokes from mount, but we were doing them as strangles and in such a way that we would be giving up the mount for a choke we might be able to finish. I by far favor the choke which I’m guaranteed to finish and which doesn’t cost me mount. That’s part of my game: position over submission. It’s not a part of the game being taught in this judo club.

This morning I saw the same variation we did in judo in an old grainy film and it made me appreciate how much better the variant I know and love is; and how lucky I was to have Professor Zingano come out and teach it to me at a seminar.

Your game is the result of everyone who teaches you; everyone you roll with; every video you watch. It is completely unique to you, and yet all of it comes from someone else. I’m eternally grateful to everyone with whom I’ve rolled for helping me form my game as it is today and to everyone who will help me change it into what it will be. These people are too numerous to name.

I strongly recommend going to seminars and repping the things you learn during class. Out of the couple dozen techniques you’ll be shown, if you walk away with two or three improvements to your game it’s been worth it. You’ll slightly change those things and teach them to others and in doing so make it your own and they will make it their own.

Game is living. Game grows and changes. Never stop revising your game.