Updated Blogroll and Big Thanks

I’ve added OkKimonos Blog to the blogroll. I’m not sure why the store is Ok! Kimonos and the blog is styled as OkKimonos. I admittedly know nothing about branding outside picking fonts.

As I alluded to sometime last week, I’ve felt like I’ve fallen away from the community and I wanted to thank everyone who’s been keeping up with BJJ blogging because reading through the posts helped me feel like I was picking up as though I never left. Special thanks to these guys (sorry for not knowing everyone’s real names…):

  • Brendan (Ok! Kimonos). You’ve been awesome sharing posts on Twitter that I keep feeling are targeted toward me and your emails help me feel a part of the community.
  • Can (Slideyfoot). I love your blog. Being able to read through what you’ve been teaching helps me feel a bit better about missing classes.
  • Chelsea (TAP TAP TAP). You’re probably one of the most awesome people to write a blog. I love the perspective. You definitely make me feel like a wimp for not pushing myself harder.
  • Jezus. Knowing that you’ve been reading pushes me to keep writing which in turn forces me to keep up with the community.
  • bjjmindset. Your comments are one of the reasons I got back in rather than just quitting. Thank you. I’ll probably hit you up for leg lock defenses once I can get back on the ground more freely.

4 thoughts on “Updated Blogroll and Big Thanks

  1. Thanks so much for including me! It’s such an honor!

    The reason for the confusion in branding both sites is that I’m a huge fan of the brand SuperDry and my logo at the top of the Ok! Kimonos Blog is a tribute to them.

    I’m SO THANKFUL that you’ve found the emails to be valuable as well 🙂

  2. I actually got mentioned? Quite surprised, many thanks! But yes, I do keep reading – I’ve gotten a lot of good things out of your blog, and your writings have often made me reevaluate my perspective, or made me delve deeper into things I would’ve otherwise not bothered with.

    Long story short, I’m equally grateful to see you keep up with your blog!

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