A little over four months ago I was heel hooked. I’m still recovering. I’ve been doing what I can in judo since then, but ground work or randori has largely been out of the question. I had an MRI done finally. The results show that there’s not a partial or full tear, just the signs of previous injury, so at least structurally I’m on point. The pain is still pretty bad, but at least I know that I’m not worsening an injury by trying to train through the pain. I’ve started doing much more difficult exercises for rehabilitation – my personal goal is to get back to pistol squats on each leg in terms of the amount of stability and strength the ankle needs. The balancing exercises have been good too.

The hammer exercises are going well. I’m slowly working my way down the shaft making the exercises harder and harder and seeing the gains in my grip and shoulder strength. The other day we were at Dick’s and joking with my wife I started curling the 40 lb. dumbell. I feel pretty good about that. It’s not that it’s an amazing curl or anything, but more that I’m keeping strength up even though I’m not really wrestling or lifting.

That’s pretty much all that’s new. Judo when I can make it. Hammer exercises as often as I find the time. Ankle rehabilitation like it’s a job.

By not training I’m finding worse problems than just feeling like I’m getting out of shape. I’m finding that I’m not as connected to the grappling community as I once was. I’m not reading blogs like I used to. I’m not buying new DVDs or books. I’m not paying attention to the tournaments or rankings. I’m not spending time talking about grappling and as a result I find myself less interested. It happened when I stopped training MMA too – I stopped watching UFC fights, I stopped looking for wrestling techniques for MMA, I just stopped being a part of the community. It’s a pity.

It very often feels like life gets in the way of training. Unfortunately, somethings are more important than training for me right now.


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