Popping sound countinued

So I owe you guys like a million posts (or at least a couple reviews and a status update).

Update here, review of BJJ Collective to follow.

I went to the doctor today to follow-up on the ankle. We’ve ruled out bone, cartilage, or muscular injuries thanks to the x-rays, range of motion I do have, and strength I have. It’s a connective tissue injury and there doesn’t seem to be any two ways about that. It’s likely I’ll be able to return to BJJ from a health perspective, though it’s still on the order of weeks out. Healing is going slow. There’s not really any meds or therapies my doctor knew of that would help. I’ve heard HGH can be amazing with helping injuries like this heal faster, but all the evidence seems to be anecdotal with no long term studies I could find around the use of HGH to assist with ligament and tendon injuries. There are a lot of snake oil style remedies – turmeric and egg paste, electric stimulation, etc. I’m surprised at the market for recovering from an ankle injury and how much of it seems to be bogus.

On the other front, the “do I actually deal with the risks again?” front, I’ve made a couple decisions. I know if it heals enough that the pain becomes manageable I could return to judo with a brace. So that’s kind of the minimum – I’m planning to go back to judo. My decision on BJJ will be entirely based on how judo goes after I finish recovering. Hopefully in another 2-4 weeks I’ll be able to go back on the mat with some serious taping.

Unfortunately the injury meant missing Tanner and Tim’s last classes. I still went to the going away party, but it’s just not the same, you know?



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