This is goodbye.

As you’ve probably noticed, life has gotten in the way of me updating this blog as frequently as I used to; as frequently as I would care to. It’s been a great experience getting to share my opinions with the world at large, and because there’s some stuff on here that I think is really useful (how to build a home mat tutorial, keeping BJJ out of the Olympics, the blog roll, etc.) I’ll be keeping the blog in its current state barring being able to add more often in the future.

This is more than anything an apology for not keeping up with the blog and an official statement that I will not be able to in the foreseeable future..


4 thoughts on “This is goodbye.

    • It’s my hope that I find some time to get back to it more regularly too. I’m going for my BJJ purple belt at the end of May and prepping for my judo brown whenever I get the chance. I’d like to share my experiences from those tests if nothing else. I’m still training – I’m just having difficulty finding the time to write anymore.

  1. Bummer, but that’s life I suppose? I’ll keep an eye on your blog regardlessy, should you decide to pick up writing again – I got far too much out of your blog to forget about it. 🙂

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