Semi-Pro Blogging

I was notified today that I’ve been accepted to the BJJ Life Bloggging Team. What that does not mean is the end of this blog. I still plan to keep this blog updated with semi-regular posts as per normal for me. What it does mean is that a great company has given me the opportunity to contribute content to their site. Keep an eye out for posts about training, techniques, and the lifestyle at the BJJ Life Blog and the occasional video on the BJJ Life YouTube channel.

Earlier today I re-read a post by Brendan over at Ok! KimonosThe TLDR of it is that when you’re affiliated with a company it’s important that they represent things you’d want to stand for. I think BJJ Life and Combat Corner represent things I believe in. I started BJJ at a school which was a CC wholesaler, have continued to go to CC for BJJ and MMA equipment over the years because it’s quality gear at a reasonable price, they put on one of the best BJJ tournaments in my area, and I’ve fought Luke on the mats in Fond Du Lac for judo tournaments. That last one’s big to me. Not only is this a company that’s making gear and running tournaments; it’s one where the faces of the company are people that I’ve met, fought, and plan to train with at the occasional seminar.



5 thoughts on “Semi-Pro Blogging

    • Thanks, if you follow @BJJ_Life on Twitter they had some instructions for applying. You should consider it. There’s free gear based on how much you post and it’s a good chance to give your own blog some exposure.

      • thanks for the tip, i’ll look into it. hey also im running the open mat next sunday at chosen, if you feel like coming out you should, always a fun time!

  1. Thanks so much for checking out that post! I’m really glad it meant a lot to you, as it did to me. Luke is a great guy and definitely worth supporting. I’ve never heard anything but great stuff about him!

    • Absolutely. Thanks for writing it and for re-mentioning it on Twitter. I tend to follow Twitter more than the blog so when I see a post on there I always feel compelled to read it and have yet to be disappointed.

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