Review of Reilly Bodycomb – Top Rock

Top Rock is a top-game and leglock instructional video by Reilly Bodycomb released in December 2013. The format is a seminar filmed at NY Combat Sambo with some added clips of the techniques being used in competition. The quality of production isn’t as phenomenal as DVDs explicitly filmed as instructional videos, but as far as filmed seminars go it’s pretty good. You’ll notice times when the audio seems to have a weird effect applied as though Reilly is really far away and some issues when Reilly is facing away from the camera, but there’s no points where you can’t understand what is being said. There’s also aberrant noise because it’s a filmed seminar – at one point there are sirens, for a few minutes someone is taking a phone call that you can hear the conversation, etc. Unlike other filmed seminars which are just direct presentations of 120 minutes of material Reilly does insert title information, so just like Reilly’s other filmed seminar (Sambo Leglocks for Nogi – here to be referred to as SLfN) it’s really easy to find what you’re looking for.

When it comes down to content the video focuses on a few key positions and how to obtain a set of leglocks from them. It begins by discussing passing the guard and the relationship between passing and leglocks. No explicit passes are taught, but rather a basic pass is assumed and used as the basis for all of the scenarios. Next is the quarter-guard and the importance of keeping top quarter-guard in your repertoire of top-game positions. Quarter-guard moves into “vegan mount”, descried as such because “it looks like mount, but it’s not quite it.” Vegan mount then moves into knee-on-belly which Reilly refers to as “the knee ride”. The major technique emphasis tends to be on the “straight” ankle lock, inverted heel hooks, and knee bars. Toe holds are mentioned, but there’s not explicit setup, instead Reilly focuses on the positions which can be modified to perform any leglock. The video wraps up with a Q&A session. In this session you’ll find such gems as the “Admiral Neck-bar” – a sneaky submission/trap from the top of deep half-guard.

Overall I’d say it’s a solid seminar. I would strongly recommend checking out SLfN first to learn the finishing details of the leglocks and to understand the bottom-game Reilly references at the start of the video. Overall SLfN is a much better introduction to leglocking while TR is more of an exploration into using those leglocks you already know from top positions and a discussion about when passing or leglocks are the better option. In any event, there’s no excuse not to check the video out – you get to name your own price for a DRM-free version of Top Rock by picking it up directly from Reilly’s website. The asking price is $30, and if you’re into supporting this style of video I’d say it’s worth it. If you’re on the fence I’d say it’s still worth the $10 or $20 option, but you’ll likely feel compelled to chip in the extra when you start getting knee bars while passing guard like crazy.

*I haven’t seen Dynamic Entry yet to compare it to that DVD or say how you should prioritize it among these two seminars – however, the production quality is likely higher given that it’s a true instructional instead of a seminar.


7 thoughts on “Review of Reilly Bodycomb – Top Rock

  1. Nice review of Top Rock. I am also a fellow Wisconsin grappler/blogger! Coincidentally I was seeing how many reviews of this were out yet, because I was considering writing one as well. Glad to see there are others out there like me!

    • Glad to see there are others like myself too. I’ve removed your other comment to keep your email address from ending up on webcrawlers, but it’d be cool to meet up some time. I’m out of Fight Prime TC on Park St. right now. Where are you training at?

      • Good call. I train out of Chosen Few, off Stoughton rd. I’ve actually been to an open mat at Fight Prime a couple months ago. Nice facility. I saw a couple guys practicing judo while we rolled, I wonder if one of them was you now haha. Yeah for sure it’d be cool to meet up and talk grappling sometime.

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