Two months later: ankle, seminars, getting back on the horse

As you probably gathered form me not updating this for a couple months (well, over three now, but, who’s counting?) the ankle injury was pretty bad. Not surgery bad – but like I took 16 weeks off to let it heal and still have certain positions which induce crippling pain. The X-rays and everything were normal and I was just instructed to wear a brace and rehab it. Ironically, the day-to-day is much worse than grappling is. I can’t sit in seiza for very long, but other than that, I’m back to BJJ and judo. What’s way worse is trying to kneel for pictures or when taking the dog for a walk/run on the ice and he pulls out of no where which causes me to have to put a ton of pressure on it at an awkward angle to recover. While I was out it seems like everyone else got their purple belts, so I certainly have some catching up to do.

I’m having trouble getting back into the weekday regimen. I still do judo and BJJ on the weekends, rolling when I have time enough at the end of class, but lately I’ve just been too busy with life to make it in to the gym between Monday and Friday or stay extra on Saturdays. With the snow it’s getting easier and easier to say “tonight’s not a good night to go out, I’ll just go on Saturday”. So for my holiday vacation I’m making a point to go to the gym at least 4 times during the week. I also have a friend who’s interested in coming over and going over the basics on my home mat. That would be pretty great.

Last Saturday we had a great seminar with Mauricio Zingano. It was mostly just fine detail work on the basics with a few super simple but slightly unorthodox techniques (such as a brilliant side control to mount transition). He recommended practicing them for a few months before showing them to others in the gym. When you tap someone out with them and they ask what you did, just say “I don’t know.” That they could have come to the seminar, and that if they know it to defend it right away you’ll never get to work on it. He also explained this is why he’ll teach an attack and he’ll wait to teach the defense for a few months. Overall, it was a solid seminar and I was really glad to see Thales get his first stripe on his black belt at the end.

Finally, let me do a shameless plug for Reilly Bodycomb’s newest leglock instructional – Top Rock. I haven’t gotten to watch it yet, but the promo video looks great and if it’s anything like his other videos it’s filled with all kinds of great details. What’s cool about it is that Reilly is letting you name your own price for it. It’s also gotten some good press on LockFlow already.


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