Getting Back On The Horse

It’s been awhile since my last post, and a lot has happened in that time. I’m going to focus on this last weekend, but to not leave you hanging a brief summary of where I’ve been: I finally had that roll with the guy who’s not totally aware of the appropriate level of force for a heel hook and my ankle got popped, my work schedule got crazy and then I had a work trip to San Francisco so I had about a month where work was keeping me off the mats, and then this weekend I was finally able to get back on the horse.

My ankle is actually less of a problem than my shoulders these days. In my absence the judo group hasn’t really grown, but they’ve been playing with different things. I now have a variant opinion to that of Matt and Tim about breaking balance. I still prefer the use of the split because of it’s efficacy on large opponents and ability to break through stiff arming. Matt and Tim are favoring winding the gi in with one hand and propping with the other. I like their means for throws where I’m loading  the weight on uke’s right front foot, but not for hip throws.

For BJJ warm-ups Thales’ uncle was up from Brazil. He led us through a series of about 15 exercises done as HIIT stations (30 seconds on, 30 seconds off) over the course of half an hour. All the arm stuff was grouped together and all the ab stuff was grouped together with takedowns breaking the two groups out. My whole body is killing me and half way through the arm stuff I found out just how bad my right shoulder has gotten when I had to stop exercises due to joint pain before my muscles were too sore/tired to continue.

Rolling went well – I got to go slow and controlled with someone with a back injury and then with D until my lungs gave out and I needed an inhaler. No worries. I had fun even if I got tapped out and crushed. That’s what rolling is for me – having fun.

After class Tanner did his blue belt test and passed. Big ups to him on the new belt. He’s been working hard the last 5 years in jujitsu and judo so the expedited ranking was well warranted. He’ll be getting ready for his judo black belt test next.