Long Time No Post

I’ve been in and out of judo and BJJ lately. Two weeks ago Anders visited from Sweden so I went to judo to visit with him and everyone else. I hadn’t been there in almost seven months. More on that later. Then last week I was out on a work trip. So this week I was back in the swing of things.

Mosquito is back and teaching no-gi classes. Last night we had some guests who do Combat Sambo down in Janesville. Two were teenagers and the third was their instructor. They definitely knew their stuff. I had a blast rolling with them.

So, back to judo. I’m going to be trying to make it there at least once a month. I’ll probably have to work out with Leslie and Ian some kind of a payment plan. There’s also a lot of political turmoil. In a way I’m glad I’ve been gone – I’ve heard the stories, but by being gone I’ve still gotten to keep from being involved in all the shake up that’s been happening. I think Junior summed it up best “I just want to show up and fight.”


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