Back to the grindstone

I’ve been getting back to classes because work has finally been letting up some. In no-gi we’ve been working chokes from the top, and in gi we’ve been working from the spider guard. Tanner has also started coming to Saturdays and I’m more frequently seeing Wade in class.

This last Saturday Tanner and I led judo since Matt and Tim went to Wahadachi for the coaches clinic. Tanner showed kouchi gari and I did ouchi gari. As it turns out I still suck at kouchi, but I do ouchi pretty well. The secret to a good ouchi gari is just like the secret to a good kouchi gake – commit 100% and be ready for the results if it doesn’t work. I’ve also realized I’m terrible at explaining judo throws unless I can talk about force vectors. Alternatively if there’s someone who already knows the throw and is trying to get details I can add in explicit information about grips and hip placement and drive, but to be honest, most of the throws I do are brutally simple. I lack the panache for throws where you’re doing 8 things at once and the details in how your feet and hands play out is a work of art. I like to entangle my leg and fall on them; and yes, it is just that simple.

Oh, I also got two stripes on my blue belt. It was a complete surprise to me. On one hand I’m stoked that I’ve gotten some recognition for the time I’ve been doing this. On the other hand I feel like I should be a lot better to be a blue belt with stripes. Nothing to do about it but get better.


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