I woke up this morning with the feeling that my chest was full of fluid. Coughing, I confirmed it was. You’re welcome for that. Considering I had skipped class on Saturday because I was feeling under the weather, I’m still hoping to miraculously recover for tonight’s no-gi class. I could definitely use the workout, and my BJJ gets a little stale every time I take a break. At the same time it’d be hard to roll with people when I’m unable to breath and hacking up a lung every 10 minutes.

Injury and illness have always been a contentious point with me. How long do I stay out for something non-contagious? This feels better, do I really need to go easy on it? Could I just go, skip warm-ups, do some drilling, and then skip rolling? I generally try to rationalize going to BJJ any time I can. In the past this has led to making illnesses and injuries worse. Quite frankly, I don’t recover like I did when I was 19, which is pretty shitty because it was only a five years ago.

Needless to say, probably no useful posts this week.


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