New Gear

I’ve been longing after a new gi lately. I don’t even know which one. The Manto gi’s look sharp, but based on the Manto I have they aren’t really the best fit for me. The Fushida Comp GS will probably fit like a dream, but they’re all sold out of A3 and A2X. So I ended up thinking about it and deciding that I don’t really need another gi right now. I mean, I’m only doing 1 day per week of gi, and I have about 6 fully functioning gi’s that I could wear.

I did however splurge and get three new rashguards. The first was the result of not having a rashie for class. Fight Prime happens to sell pretty much anything you need (as long as you’re okay with Brazil Combat brand stuff). So I picked up a purple rashie. Needless to say, I am not a purple belt, and I’m not a big fan of the screen printed Brazil Combat logo that kept sticking to the mat. So then today I was tipped off that MAS is offering free 2-Day delivery for all rashguards (I was not aware that it also applied to shorts and gi’s when I made the purchase because I knew exactly which rashies I wanted and the tip failed to mention the other two). I will very shortly be the new owner of a 93 Brand blue rashie and a Manto ranked blue rashie. Lucky for me, I’m a long ways from having to worry about purple belt so it will be awhile before I have to upgrade these two.

Reviews to follow the next two weeks of training. The rashguards are slated to get here on Tuesday which happens to be no-gi so I’ll give one of them a shot straight away.


2 thoughts on “New Gear

    • If Manto were doing something like openly using slave labor to produce $120 shoes I’d be significantly more outraged (Nike). Although I can respect the decision of those individual who have chosen to boycott Manto products as a result of the ad, I am not among them. I have read Meg’s, Megan’s, and Georgette’s posts on the issue. I think they’re all well written. I just don’t fault Manto for the ad. MMA is a sport featuring ring girls, tits in just about every ad that supports it, and is associated with American television channels like Spike, AXS, and HDNet. To me, this ad is a drop of water being added to an ocean. I don’t see punishing Manto as helping the problem in any way.

      There are certainly companies of better repute, but I invest in products that I find aesthetically pleasing and are of a certain quality. I think the bigger travesty is how hard a good rashguard with an understated design is to find. If a company which has an executive who’s less of a dick starts making products that meet my taste, standards, and price range I’ll consider trying them out instead.

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