Cleaning Up

I’ve decided I want to present information on here in a slightly different format. As a result I’m going to be cleaning up the old posts I think are worth keeping and removing a bunch of others.

I’ll be adding in new sections which break out reviews, tips, and guides. The goal is going to be to create a site which is easier to navigate than the old blog format and provides more meaningful information. I’ll probably keep a blog section where I make semi-regular posts about training, but I’m going to try to keep reference material separate. As posts get a lot of traffic and I feel enough shame for my poor grammar, constant typos, and to account for research I’ve done since writing the post I’ll break them out and add them to an articles section.

Please pardon the construction. I’ll be playing with it for awhile so there will be the occasional blank or nonsensical page to see what I like. I apologize in advance to anyone who’s following me if WordPress blows up your mailbox everytime I make a new page or section.


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