Real Life Getting In The Way

I try to not talk about where I work. If you’re from the area you probably know why and where just from that. Lately I’ve been doing 60+ hour weeks to try to finish a project I’m working on. As such I haven’t seen the mat in a bit over a week. Without training I don’t really have the urge to write up a lot of stuff. I worked through the weekend and missed Metamoris also. Going off the stuff posted on LapelChoke it sounds like it was awesome. Maybe next time they can do a few fewer fights and have no time limits so that there are no draws. Thoughts?


One thought on “Real Life Getting In The Way

  1. The time limit is a big problem in sub only. It is frustrating that people continue to say “yeah, that totally can’t work as it will run over” despite US Grappling providing factual evidence – over twenty events – that it simply isn’t true. Their matches at sub only events are seven minutes on average and always run on time.

    Admittedly US Grappling haven’t had a bunch of top level black belts fighting, but I think they’ve done more than enough to show it isn’t a ridiculous idea, which is the response you still get from a lot of people.

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