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Yesterday Chelsea talked about how she’s been getting more traffic. I thought it was pretty cool. To be honest, the only significant traffic I get comes from the posts that her and Can link up on their blogs or reddit. Most of the stuff I write gets 1-2 views, but then you have the post about the Olympics (which I should probably clean up at some point) which has 945 as of today. The fact that a single post of mine has almost 1,000 hits is still unfathomable to me. It’s like how the videos of me doing judo tournaments as a white belt a few years back have hundreds of YouTube hits – who the hell is watching these?

Lately I’ve been getting hits from search engines though. It’s pretty mundane stuff – I have three different Fushida gi reviews (which I should probably add pictures to), an instructional for building a floor at home for judo/BJJ, and the links on the side reference all the gyms in Madison that I know of for jujitsu/judo/BJJ. Sometimes though, sometimes you get a really great search term, and I thought I’d share some that have come in with you:

  • whats the lowest ceiling clearance for judo mat
  • wisconsin pulling guards
  • gracie t shirt ground is my ocean
  • “folk wrestling” “grab the legs”
  • bjj grip fighting

So, I was able to tell instantly what posts they got to without doing the Google search for each one, but it’s pretty entertaining to do the search and see the results. The fact that I’m the #1 or #2 result on some of these or that I show up multiple times on the first page for one just makes me laugh. So, to address all of these search terms:

  • The lowest ceiling depends on your level of control and the size of you and uke, but consider 10′ an absolute minimum, and 12′ a good recommended minimum.
  • This blog has nothing to do with the National Guard.
  • Folk wrestling refers to each culture’s unique style of wrestling (folk style wrestling). In America that refers to what is practiced in high schools. It’s the continuation of the chain from Collar-and-elbow to Catch to Collegiate. You can grab the legs in American folk style wrestling. It’s called a shot. Look up “single leg takedown” and you’ll have what you’re looking for. To learn about the rules for other countries’ styles of folk wrestling check out FILA (look under the “Traditional” header in the bar).
  • The secret to good grip fighting in BJJ is to know how to grip fight from a sport like Sambo or Judo. Search “Judo grip fighting” or look into Stephen Koepfer’s “Grip to Sub” series. Reilly Bodycomb also has some top-notch videos showing different grips. I’ve heard Sambo be referred to as “Judo’s best kept secret” more than once – this is the kind of material that leads to statements like that.

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