No-Gi Class, Fushida, and FPTC

Last night felt great. It wasn’t stale. I wasn’t just going through the motions. The S&C is still killing me and I feel like a complete tool leaving puddles on the mat when we do headstands, but there’s not a whole lot I can do about the fact that I sweat (a ton). So on my off days I’m going to try to spend 15-30 minutes just doing some of the solo drills at home (two thumbs and a mat… this guy).

What we did was straight forward – 30 minutes of S&C drills for warm-ups, 30 minutes of arm-bar from closed guard (juji gatame), 30 minutes of rolling (give or take). I love working on the basics. I also felt really good rolling. People are still taking my back, but I’m starting to get back into the swing of things – rolling out of turtle back to guard, establishing a half-guard with the deep underhook, and even doing submission attempts. I’ve been left with some definite things to work on, but lucky for me they are things directly off the blue to purple syllabus Wade gave me. Even when I don’t know what he’s up to he’s still helping my jiu-jitsu.

So, now the other jazz in the title. People have been finding my blog more and more frequently with searches related to two things – Fushida and Fight Prime. My reviews of the Fushida gi’s are honest and are in comparison to other gi’s I have as well as gi’s my training partners have. Is there stuff you want added to these reviews? Since they’re proper reviews I’m assuming they hold at least some of the information the people doing Google searches are looking for.

As far as Fight Prime – the post that keeps coming up is the one about my first night of judo at FPTC. I have to say, the post is very little about what Fight Prime is like as a gym, and a whole lot about the problems I’ve been having getting my judo off the plateau lately. I will do a proper review of the gym after I’ve been there long enough, but I’m not really sure how to have certain posts be more prevalent in Google searches so that people get something relevant instead of just seeing a random post about how I’ll never be able to throw Tanner.


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