Gi Review: Fushida MANTIS & KOMODO

I haven’t tried the new Fushida CompGS yet because I still have too many perfectly usable gi’s. Since the KOMODO and MANTIS came out at the same time and were discontinued together I thought it would be nice to give them a shared review. Links thanks to the Way Back Machine

Fushida MANTIS
Weave: Pearl Weave
Price: $90 CAD +
Cut: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Quality: 4 of 5
Comfort: 4 of 5

Fushida KOMODO
Weave: Pearl Weave
Price: $125 CAD +
Cut: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Quality: 4 of 5
Comfort: 4 of 5


Both kimonos were a pearl weave of similar weight and strength. It’s definitely lighter than the TOURNAMENT, but considerably stronger than the CLUB. The pants were rip-stop. The MANTIS is actually one of the reasons I hate rip-stop so much. Christo, being as awesome as he is, let me order a KOMODO with judo pants the second time I got one.


The MANTIS had your basic A0-A5 sizing. The KOMODO was the introduction of Fushida’s X-sizing. For example, while I’m normally an A2 or A3 depending on the manufacturer (generally an A3), for my first KOMODO I was able to get an A2X. The A2X is essentially the length of an A3 for the jacket and pants, but the width/body of the A2.

I own an A3 MANTIS, A2X KOMODO, and A3 KOMODO. The A2X does not allow itself to be grabbed – there’s simply no fabric to grab. This is considered a competitive advantage in BJJ, but since I also use the kimonos for judo (AAU allows them), I ended up making the switch to the A3 for more general use.


The kimonos are of sound quality. The pants are rip-stop.

Story time – my MANTIS kimono did get ripped, but it’s not the fault of the jacket. My gi got washed with a red shirt so it got some lovely pink swirls. In order to remedy this I used bleach. The rip is in one of the areas that used to be pink where too much bleach was probably used so it comes down to the fact that if you don’t take care of the fabric it’s not going to hold up. User error.

Other story – my KOMODO pants got ripped really badly. I was in judo, the gi gives you nothing to hold onto, but judoka have a pretty infamous grip. My coach grabs them to do a turtle turnover and the pull causes a rip about 10cm in length. It continued to grow because of the location (right along the side of the knee) – it turns out that rip-stop does not stop rips. This is the origin story for my distain for rip-stop, that and the fact that it just doesn’t feel as comfortable as drill cotton. Again, the second time I ordered Christo let me get judo pants instead for no extra charge.


I would liken wearing either of these kimonos to wearing a TOURNAMENT that’s not going to make you sweat during the summer. They’re essentially the same jacket. I still love to use both the A2X and A3 KOMODO during the summer because it’s so much lighter than my judo gi’s.

Overall the jackets are very comfortable. They were a bit more coarse than a judo gi on the inside, but once I got passed that I loved them. The pants are rip-stop so I find them terribly uncomfortable, but some people love them.


The price point for the KOMODO was the better customization in sizing and color (the MANTIS never got released in blue or black). Other than that they were pretty much the same gi, so unless you really want a colored gi or need the X-sizing I’d recommend just going with a MANTIS if you can still find one laying around. It’s a great gi for the price considering the market for BJJ gi’s is so much more expensive than that of judo gi’s.


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