Other Gyms – Fight Prime TC

I went to Fight Prime Monday night. It was a bit different than I guess I was expecting. Fair warning: have someone’s phone number the first time you try to find this gym – it’s not well marked from the street (I called Tim from the parking lot trying to find it). Tim led warm-ups, Matt taught class, and I worked out with Junior. Sounds like any regular Tuesday at Madison Judo (though Matt hasn’t been there in awhile).

The problems I’ve been having lately were there too, which tells me that my lack of progress isn’t just in my head. Going with Junior went the same as always – go in for a throw, get thrown, try to set up a throw, get thrown. Tanner says it’s because I “pattern walk”. It’s a hard habit to break. I went with another blue belt that came to the Budo club with his roommate a few times for groundwork nights. This session of randori went a bit differently from the guys I’m used to playing with – he’s better at avoiding/stuffing shots and trying to go in for them, but he doesn’t establish grips and constantly changes levels and keeps moving even when it’s not necessary or there’s no benefit to doing so. As a result there were quite a few times where it was easier to throw or drag him to the ground, but more times than not I’d get caught in a standing position I didn’t want and just impose the ground position I wanted while we both went to the ground. I by no means dominated the standing game as I should over someone with less judo experience who’s at a weight disadvantage.

I can’t really blame it on being exhausted from going with Junior. I want to, but I recovered by the time we started going again. The only cure for my known ailment is to head down to Chicago with Tim and Tanner and do the three hour randori sessions. It’s intense, but what I lack in randori is not present in static technique and can only be learned from randori. I’m also going to do to my judo what I did to my BJJ to make it exponentially better – I’m taking a huge cut in which techniques I’ll do. This means there are certain standing positions where I’ll be stuck for a little while until I learn to set my throws up from them, but it is what it is. Tai otoshi, o/ko soto gari, harai goshi, koshi guruma, o/ko uchi gari, yoko gake, yoko wakare. Nine throws to get me through. No more, no less. There’s a fair mix of forward and backward throws as well as foot, hip, hand, and sacrifice throws present.

Saturday I’m hoping to make it to BJJ and judo at FPTC to make a final decision about if I’m switching gyms or not.


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