Quittin’ Time

Yesterday morning, thanks to the holiday, I was able to spend a couple of hours on the mat. While there we discussed the club, my progress, and buying new mats. Buying new mats is the easiest part – I did a little too much research when trying to get mats at home so I ended up with a list of companies and prices. I told Greg to try Zebra or see if he could get some used Dollamur mats from someone who’s not Swain/Dollamur. The club is almost similarly simple: some of the black belts and brown belts will take up teaching classes. The schedule is being adjusted accordingly. The complexity there comes with the opening of a new judo/BJJ club. More on that below.

Discussing my progress is hard. People compliment me on my ground game, but I see it slipping. Without actively working on it with Wade my game doesn’t even sit stagnant, it explicitly gets worse. My standing game just isn’t improving. I’m able to be aggressive, but at the same time, when you get too aggressive that’s when you throw yourself or cause injuries. I don’t want to be the guy who breaks everyone’s noses because he goes in for o soto gari at full force every time. I’m much happier just out-grappling the people who are my size or smaller. It’s the big guys that require aggression, good technique, and timing to throw. I just feel like I’m not going anywhere right now and that the clear answer is to text Wade and swap out BJJ for judo. It’s hard to just give up on judo though, especially with Anders leaving so soon.

Tanner also mentioned that Monkey Bar dropped all of their martial arts now so Thales is starting a new BJJ school called “Fight Prime”. I updated the links to reflect this. This makes the decisions harder. I know FPTC is going to have at least one judo black belt able to teach judo classes. Moving there though would be bailing on Madison Judo and Wade though, and that feels like a major leap just to train BJJ closer to home. A whole different association. A whole different style. I don’t know that I’d be up for that big a change. Then again, there are quite a few senior students who may jump ship over there because they were guys who came from Monkey Bar in the first place.


One thought on “Quittin’ Time

  1. Hey there…first time reader…I was just at the FPTC grand opening today. Awesome- such great energy- good people. You probably know Matt( the judo instructor). If not, he is top knotch-great guy and a great teacher. Come on over this Monday for judo and check it out. I’ll probably be at the open mat before class.

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