Goals: Ikkyu

Before my wedding-based hiatus I was told that I should be testing for brown soon, and that when I was coming back I should provide a bit of warning for that purpose. Last Tuesday I was instructed to fill out a USJA rank examination as far through as I could. I did so with the goal of ikkyu (the final rank of brown). I think I did pretty well with filling this thing out.


  • 139 of 198 Japanese vocabulary questions correct (70%)
  • 113 of 161 general knowledge questions correct (70%)
  • 362 points in demonstration (zeros allowed until shodan)

My work so far

  • I was able to answer 183 of 198 vocabulary questions. I think I did okay on all the ones I answered.
  • I was able to answer 130 of 161 general knowledge questions. I think I did okay with these too, but I generally hate this section because most of it is questions about the history of American judo competitors, and quite frankly, I don’t care who the first American man to medal at an international level was.
  • I selected 241 techniques that I’m comfortable performing. The requirement for ikkyu is 188 so, in theory, I get to parse them down to only my best techniques.

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