Gi Review: Fushida CLUB

I mentioned the Fushida CLUB as a budget gi when I reviewed the TOURNAMENT. Today I’m going to provide a more in depth review of this less expensive option.

Fushida CLUB
Weave: 1
Price: $45.00CAD +
Cut: European Judo
Quality: 3/5
Comfort: 3.5/5


This is a much thinner weave than the TOURNAMENT. It’s definitely a lot softer too. To be blunt, this isn’t the suit of armor my other Fushida gi’s have been, but it holds up to the day-to-day and it’s a much better gi for summer than any heavy single, 1.5, or double weave I own.


The more expensive gi’s from Fushida have more sizing options. That shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. As such you won’t get as good a fit, but it you’ll still get as good as with any other whole-number judo gi sizing. Just remember A3 = 5, A2 = 4, etc.


Sometimes I feel like my hand is going to go through the fabric. This is pretty common of thin gi’s and grip fighting. I have yet to actually have my hand go through this gi or have the collar ripped off while grip fighting. I don’t use it enough to say if it has stood the test of time, but it seems fairly sound for the price.


Again, much softer than the TOURNAMENT. The jacket is pretty comfortable for me to throw and roll in. I don’t wear the pants. I just wear some other gi pants. I find the elastic to be uncomfortable while fighting.


Budget gi at a budget price. It’s hard to argue with a gi that’s less than $50.


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