It must be the Olympics

I remember in 2010 when we were all up in arms because the IJF was going to limit us to only their approved gi brands. Not those brands that which comply to IJF standards, like six brands with contracts with the IJF which would be the only allowed brands at IJF competition. I don’t remember what became of it, but as I look on at the Olympics this year, all I can think of is how the greatest level of competition in most sports is tainted by consumerism.

Visa, and only Visa, will be accepted. Only Coca-Cola products will be sold. You want some food? McDonald’s or Subway? Yeah, I saw Apollo Ohno advertising it, it must be good, after all he won 8 Olympic medals (in speed skating).

An outstanding runner cannot be the equal of an average wrestler. – Socrates

My super-douchey point is this – you’re not going to be a world class athlete by hoping McDonald’s will provide you enough 400 calorie meal options. If you eat two sandwiches at each meal and each is 395 calories, you’re still taking in 2370 Calories per day. The last time I checked that was a lot for a desk-jockey with diabetes. It’s okay though, right, I mean the intent is clearly for you to have one sandwich, a salad, and a water. I mean, “What’s McDonald’s without a Coke?” Yes, that’s a direct quote from a commercial earlier this year. Way to kill us not-so-slowly.

So stand proud this year as you’re force-fed forced-fed beef, after all, the American dream has been realized. With one third of the country obese, another third overweight, and the last third paying for the other 66%’s rising health care costs we absolutely need McDonald’s to be advertising non-stop right next to some of the most fit people on the planet. No other time of the year should you see the parallels so vividly – we are a modern Rome.

Also, I’m pretty against some of the bad calls the refs have made in judo this year.


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