Gi Review: Fushida TOURNAMENT

Fushida and I go way back – my first order with them was June of 2009 and I’ve been wearing this same gi since. As an added piece of nostalgia – I still wear that green belt to judo even though I ordered it for jujitsu back then. I’ve seen models come and go including multiple versions of the judo gi’s I know and love. The TOURNAMENT remains the tried-and-true.

Weave: 1.5
Price: $85.00CAD +
Cut: European Judo
Quality: 4.5/5
Comfort: 4/5


When I first bought the gi back in 2009 it was advertised as a heavy single weave gi for competition. It is heavy. It’s so heavy in fact that the website now totes it as a 1.5 weave gi. I don’t advise this for people who weigh-in with their gi on unless you have a couple of kilos to spare just to be safe. In jiu-jitsu the extra weight is usually frowned upon – in judo it’s a godsend. This thing will take a beating.


One of the big problems with the cut of most judo gis is that they’re not exactly made for typical Caucasian builds. That’s a round-about way of saying I’m lanky. Even at 180+ cm and 84 kg I feel like I’m drowning in a traditional judo gi. Enter the European cut – a gi designed for tall, lanky folk like myself. This is one of the reasons Fushida is the most popular gi in our judo club – we’re in Wisconsin after all, German much?

All in all it’s still the best-fitting gi I own (even better than my PRESTIGE). I attribute this largely to the fact that Christo used to have us send him over 30 measurements which dictated the correct size jacket and pants. Now everyone lets you get a size 4.5 jacket with a size 5 pants, but back in 2008 this was a big deal for me as most manufacturers didn’t do this below the $100-$200 range let alone the $80 CAD I paid (which had an $0.84 conversion to USD so it was really only like $67 for the greatest gi I had ever owned).

I hope you like thick collars also – Fushida has them in spades. My collar is hard to manipulate, but still comfortable to grab for defending chokes.


I’ve been using this gi for literally three years now. Other than that the color faded there are no signs of wear. You can GREATLY reduce the color fading by color-locking this gi with vinegar before you wash it for the first time. I also recommend letting it soak in water for a full day before you wash it. The collar isn’t scuffed or coming apart. There are no rips. I wear this 1-2 times every week. It has stood up to judo, BJJ, and everything else life has thrown at it.


Gripping this gi feels like you’re grabbing a sandpaper jacket. Wearing this gi is like wearing a very heavy t-shirt of average quality material. It’s easy to overheat wearing this in the summer and it’s no where near as comfortable as the PRESTIGE or ICON models, but it’s a lower end gi than either of those. (The PRESTIGE is no longer available – again, I have seen models come and go including the PRESTIGE V.2). To be fair, the ICON has a brushed cotton interior so comparing anything to that is hard for me. Christo, if you’re reading this, bring back the old sizing page and comparison charts. People think I’m crazy when I use the Way Back Machine to show them I’m serious about how well you take care of us.


If you’ve looked at Aesopian’s data for 2011 Fushida was number one with an average price of $127. The judo gi’s are significantly cheaper but are of the same superb quality as the BJJ models. The TOURNAMENT is a nice median price between the CLUB ($45 CAD) and the ICON ($140 CAD). If you need a gi for judo competition or you’re looking for a gi that will take a beating for years, come and get this one.


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