Return to Greatness

Last night was the first night back to judo. It was as excellent as I had hoped. I played pretty bad judo right out of the gate – shooting singles and doubles. Our throw of the day for formal practice was kata guruma (windmill, fireman’s carry). I got to play with my sweet new means of grip breaking. Because it relies on the pistol grip it’s a big no-no in judo, but if I can get used to grabbing the wrist (as I would for no-gi) I can make it legal. It works like a charm.

The wrestling needs work. I’m still in guard too much during ne waza to be super happy, but I’m getting my arm bars. I also ended up completely¬†unconsciously¬†with two leg locks. I didn’t finish them, but for some reason when in a bind I’m going to toe holds and heel hooks. Grappling anyone?


2 thoughts on “Return to Greatness

    • We worked on two variants. The first was the traditional standing variation. I prefer a gi grip with the right hand, off-balance them forward and continue that same upward pull as you take a penetration step and drop level as though you’re doing a high-crotch ( then stand instead of continuing to drive forward. The second is a sacrifice variant – you do the exact same thing but straighten the leg on the outside of their legs so as to mix kata guruma and yoko otoshi.

      The grip I was doing is used here in the first sacrifice throw (though this isn’t where I learned it and I don’t like the variation they’re using with it):

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