Prowess Through Perserverance

Tomorrow I restart judo. I’m a bit anxious. Usually when I drop out for a couple months everyone gets really good and I kind of feel stagnant. All of the sudden the low greenies and oranges are throwing me. I have somewhat of a secret weapon in wrestling this time. I’ve kept up with watching my techniques, reading my books, and practicing solo drills as I’ve been able. Still, there’s the knowledge that I will be up against a steep slope to recovery since I will lack the S&C that only comes with doing judo non-stop. BJJ won’t cut it (sorry kids – the S&C for BJJ is nothing compared to three rounds of judo randori). The new Mrs. Brunning will be joining me on the mats.

This will be my first week back at it. Next week I hope to start re-introducing BJJ also. There is a martial arts club through my employer that I’m also going to be checking out. There’s a guy who’s been doing jujitsu for eight years teaching. Everyone contributes something so since I’ve been officially out-classed on the jujitsu front I’ve offered up judo, submission wrestling, and BJJ techniques. We’ll see how it goes – I’m not thrilled to do TKD, but it will be nice to get to jujitsu for awhile.

The only way we grow is by working. The only way we increase our breadth is by trying new things. The only way to gain true prowess is by perseverance. It’s never too late to come back. There is always time to recover.


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