My Greatest Find

I’ve made a terribly great find today. I was doing some research for my post on jacket wrestling which devolved into doing research for fun. When FILA noted that there was a book by Prof. Petrov called The Roots of Wrestling I started spastically searching the internet. The first thing I noticed is that the FILA website had errors, but that’s no suprise, then the next secret I found was fantastic. I couldn’t find this book anywhere, NOWHERE. Not Google, not Amazon, not eBay, not the public library system. Mind you, Google and Amazon know of the book, but they can’t help me find a copy.

Enter the FILA library. PDFs of books on subjects I’m more than just interested in. I’ve long looked for a documented history of wrestling in art – they have one. A survey of the folk styles of wrestling around the world? A couple. Books about jacket wrestling and it’s evolution in Ireland, France, and Japan? Oh you best believe it. So I now share this with you. FILA may be riddled with minor errors on their website, but they deliver when it counts.


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