Three Week Challenge

I haven’t been to BJJ in too long, and judo in even longer. The only lifting I’ve been doing lately has been boxes into the new house. About all the activity I’ve been getting has been painting rooms (not exactly manual labor). So, save my god-like forearms (modest, no?) I’m starting to feel flabby.

With no equipment, no gym, and no grappling for the next couple of weeks pre-wedding (to avoid bumps, bruises, and breaks for pictures) I’m kind of SOL on the whole being in shape upon my return to class in July. So, what’s a guy to do? When you don’t have the best options available, pick the best from the available options. The plan, bodyweight exercises.

Execution (MWF)

The Jump Circuit – 3×10 – 10 Frog Jumps, 10 High-knee Jumps, 10 Push-ups, repeat.
Burpees – As many as I can muster
Dips – 3×10
Pull-ups/Chin-ups – The goal is 3×5, but as many as I can muster 
Planking – People say it works. I’ve done it for like 2 minutes straight and just gotten bored, but if I’m flabby, maybe there’s merit? 

The jumps are a pretty good way of providing explosive power in lieu of squats. To be more hardcore I should probably go get a 30 kg bag of sand to use. Anyway, the base goal is to maintain enough basic body strength and cardio to not die the first day back at judo.



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