Holy Crap

So, Tanner shoots me a message via GChat last night and tells me that I got mentioned on r/BJJ. I’m not even sure how to respond. I mean, my first thought was “I should really clean up that post, and maybe start spell checking at a bare minimum.”

I’m stoked so many people are against introducing BJJ into the Olympics. The more people understand it’s a terrible idea the better. I’m all for a unified rule set, but it should be driven by the community, not by powers-that-be. Grappling isn’t that large of a community. There are a group of people at the top who do know best after decades training and competing what’s safe and what’s dangerous and what should/shouldn’t be allowed. I’d be much happier with a council of like 9 red belts making the rules rather than an IOC influenced IBJJF. Then again, Kodokan rules and AAU rules are still excellent ways to play judo, so it’s not like the sport is lost. You’re just so limited at higher levels of play.

I’m still working on my post about the awesome stand-up Xande demonstrated at the Worlds, and why you should do it. I’ve also decided I should probably just add a summary page which openly states my stances.

Thanks to Can for the mention on Reddit.


One thought on “Holy Crap

  1. No problem: I try to publicise well-written, insightful blogs when I get the chance. There are loads of blogs out there now, so I think it’s useful to highlight the ones worth reading. 🙂

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