Counting the Days

I’ve thought a lot about judo since I started my hiatus. Yesterday I had a conversation via Twitter with one of the people I enjoy training with most. He said he needs better training partners. That only four people get it and that I need to come back. I don’t know what “it is” or if I really get it, but as long as he thinks so, right? The four people he listed definitely do have a certain property that’s unique about them when you work with them. I’m not really sure how to describe it. The pace can get fast and the throws intense, but at the same time you’re never worried that you’re going to break your leg or neck.

1 day to the house. 30 days to the wedding. 33 to the first judo class I’ll have the time to attend (I hope).

I’m working on a post about the importance of stand-up and the comparison of high level BJJ to judo. Watching the World’s via Lapel Choke I saw a lot of judo. It was great. To be honest, it’s entirely too rare that I see someone go for foot sweeps or seoi nage in BJJ competitions. They’re high percentage techniques and seoi is easy to learn and execute even at a low skill level. More on that later.


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