Bare Bones

Yesterday I talked about how I was going to strip my training plan down to what I consider the bare bones foundation of my game. I’m not changing the top. The top is golden if I just stick to basic chokes and arm-bars. The bottom will be parsed down to three guards (full, half, and butterfly). From any other guard I’ll either do the same moves or go back to one of these three while I’m re-establishing my fundamentals. The list is after the cut, and feedback is always welcome. I’ve included other names and Japanese where possible in case the name I’m giving isn’t standard.

Full Guard
Sweeps: Kimura (Hip-Bump) Sweep, Arm-bar (Flower, Pendulum) Sweep, Arm-drag to the back
Submission Chain 1*: Cross Choke (kata juji jime) > Hell Choke (jigoku jime) > Arm-bar (juji-gatame) > Omo Plata (sankaku garami) > Triange Choke (sankaku jime)
Submission Chain 2: Kimura (ude garami) > Guillotine Choke > Cow Catcher**
Passes: Dive pass (Over-Under), Cross-Knee Pass, Knee Slide Pass, Double-unders Pass
* – Any of these can be directly hit from the full guard so the chain can start at any point. The advantage of this flow is you can do it forwards or backwards and many can go in any order. (Cross Choke > Hell Choke > Arm-bar > Triangle > Arm-bar > Hell Choke > Omo Plata > Arm-bar > etc.)
** – Neck cranks aren’t legal, but holding this to prevent passes and sets up sweeps.

Sweeps: Scissors Sweep, Push Sweep, Knee-tap, Knee shield sweep, Arm-drag to the back
Submissions: Knee-bar, Triangle, “Hugging arm-bar” (hiza gatame), “Straight arm-bar” (ude hishigi-te gatame)
Passes***: Underhook and Pry, Sit to Reverse Kesa
*** – I don’t have names for these, but the descriptions are literally what I do.

Butterfly Guard
Sweeps: Elevator sweep, Lift and Switch Sweep
Submissions: Cross choke (gyaku juji jime), Guillotine Choke
Passes: I don’t have names for these, but there are three variations. The concept is the same in all of them, pinch their feet together, control their knees, get both of my legs to one side (removing the hooks), pass.

This is my base. 32 techniques that I view as the fundamentals of my guard game. They are my stand-by techniques. They are my favorites. They are all things I’ve hit in competition. Last night I went over some of them alone. There are a lot of details that I have learned, but have been getting sloppy about or have forgotten in the years of misuse.



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