So I found this gem…

So I found this gem in one of the Fitocracy Martial Arts groups (there are two with identical names).

I can’t help but LULZ at so many of the answers – choking is dangerous, lifting heavy weights will make you slower, etc. The concept is reddit-esque – users up-vote or down-vote replies. The problem is, it looks like there’s 4 or 5 guys asking and answering all of the questions.

There’s a level of tension when you see bad advise in an area  you have some level of expertise on. In the end, it’s probably best to just walk away. Someone is wrong on the internet. People aren’t going to get too hurt by not weight lifting, assuming being choked out is going to kill them, or that they need to be able to run a mile before their first judo competition. In the end, the only really detrimental part about advice on the internet is that someone’s going to believe it and say it elsewhere on the internet and the chain of bad advice continues.

Maybe someone should just write a definitive book: Martial Arts Myths – No, that won’t kill a man.

I really need to find a camera. Doing foot locks it came up that a lot of people are doing a straight ankle lock as an Achilles crush instead of in a way that could cause damage to the joint. To me, a joint lock should lock the joint (and if done with force should break bones), not just cause pain. The way I do a straight ankle lock it ends up structurally the same as a toe hold or heel hook (rotational force). Maybe I just have a fundamental misunderstanding of how people want to attack each other though. Maybe I’m the one that’s *gasp* wrong on the internet.


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