White Badge of Courage

My perichondrium is none too pleased right now. I’m developing the largest patch of cauliflower ear I’ve ever had, but it’s too thin to drain with a needle and too wide to safely cut myself. It’s pretty much the whole top half of my right ear. It’s not apparent yet (which is good for the wedding) so I’ll have to find some way to keep pressure on it so it doesn’t grow until I can see if my insurance will cover lancing it. Side note – some health insurance consider cauliflower cosmetic and won’t cover it until it begins to affect hearing or the clot is deemed dangerous. I really hate that the US health system refuses to acknowledged preventative health as a valid thing to pay for. Cover my gym membership and you won’t have to pay out the ass when I get diabetes/obesity/CHF. 

Rolling today was pretty good. I was getting stomped which is what I needed. I stripped my game down to the basics. I think it’s important to every so often roll with just the basics. We learn hundreds of techniques. Somewhere over the course of all of the new, fun, higher-rank techniques we forget that we could just spin in to the omo plata and we don’t have to use the complicated deep half-guard sweep. I’ve been spoiled with open guards so my guard opening is getting weak. Uncool. I need to work on posture in the guard so that I can open it correctly. Hunching over is going to get me choked.


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