Rough Weekend

There’s this problem I’ve been having where I’m getting my ego back. A lot of stuff has been getting pretty messed up lately. This is mostly due to the stress of buying a home and being involved in an upcoming wedding. Saturday I was getting arm locked and something snapped. I didn’t go overboard crazy, but I did something I probably shouldn’t have.

There’s this funny thing where when I go with someone that I know I can beat in competition I just play. Literally play. I’ll go for stupid inverted guards, unorthodox positions, just to see what I can do. When you’re playing around like that it’s pretty common that you’ll get caught in a submission or by a throw. Sometimes people ride your ass about letting someone throw you or how you shouldn’t be playing inverted guards because they’re not practical. I’m here to have fun. Upside down I can foot-lock you anywhere and any time I want. Boo practical.

So normally I get caught with something playing and just tap. I’ve had my fun. They’ve had theirs. On Saturday I couldn’t do it. I could not tap and decided that I would win. So when I got caught in an arm bar I rotated my shoulder so that the elbow faced the wrong way (much to the dismay of my elbow which was rotated completely through a submission). I stepped over, and I just sat. I sat in reverse mount and just held the legs and then when I had decided that I would have finished them with the toe hold by then I switched to side control. I got complimented because I normally get tapped by this person when I play. The compliment hurt. The problem with being a blue belt is that the only people it’s really fair to compare you to is other blue belts. I used to teach the ground. I used to teach throws. I used to teach standing joint locks. I have a level of experience that’s atypical of blue belts.

So after years of learning to lose my ego at the door and just having fun, some switch was hit. I’m not sure if this is going to be a regular thing because the decision was made in an instant while rolling, but it is what it is. For Saturday at least, I decided I wasn’t going to tap to someone I knew I could beat.


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